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Bhoomi Project Finance
Jodhpur Cross Road, Satellite, Ahmedabad-380015

Debt Syndication


What is Debt Syndication ?


Debt syndication is an arrangement made between two or more banks/financial institutions to provide the borrower a credit facility using common debt documents.

Debt syndication is the process of dispensing the money advanced in, generally a large loan, to a number of enterprises or investors. It is general to use debt syndication when the loan required, in order to fund a company or set aside a company from bankruptcy.

Bhoomi Project Finance has built a formidable presence in the area of debt syndication and project finance with an experience of over two decades. As the lead arranger, Bhoomi Project Finance has arranged both long & short term as well as domestic & overseas funds for various sectors such as Iron & Steel, Cement, Power, Infrastructure, Paper, Hospitality, Healthcare, Hospitality and Agriculture.

Debt Syndication is undoubtedly the need of the hour for all banks and corporate. We provide a comprehensive suite of advisory services packaged with resource raising. Our project syndication division is developed uniquely to bridge the separation between the promoters and lenders through its understanding and experience in the area. Our expertise provides only the best to the investors and corporate, enabling them to take care of their business, stress free, helping them raise funds from banks, NBFCs, debts and mezzanine funds.

Our Debt Syndication Services Includes:

( Followings are GENERAL TASKS we carry on for EVERY PROJECT ) 

  1. Drafting of proper information memorandum.
  2. Preparing the detailed project report.
  3. Project appraisal.
  4. Assistance for TEV reports.
  5. Merger and Acquisition and leveraged buyouts.
  6. Corporate Debt Restructuring.
  7. NPA resolutions.
  8. Debt Syndication.

Banks are likely to employ debt syndication, because they are more watchful about taking on more risky investments.


Salient features of our Debt Syndication services  :


  1. Bhoomi Finance Pvt Ltd. has supported a large number of businesses for 20+ years.
  2. Clients are of various sectors who have taken debt syndication services from us
  3. We provide detailed PLAN & BREAK UP report & ROI parameters


This is NOT exhaustive list, our WORK consists of much more than shown above.


We take you through various available options for Debt syndication so that you can leverage for better WORKING CAPITAL management while PAYING LOW INTEREST RATES.


  • Fast tracking the appraisal process
  • Negotiating for least cost structure
  • Guidance for Credit Rating exercise
  • Preparation of SWOT analysis
  • All aspects of Debt financing are covered
  • Optimum utilization of available resources
  • Benefits to all stakeholders

with REASONABLE FEE rather charging more.

Our Team of Financial Pundits possesses experience in syndicating debt of a large value and is keen in accepting such assignments in India & abroad.


Types of Loan/ Debt Syndication Services we provide:

    • Project Finance
    • Working Capital Loans
    • Term Loans
    • Corporate Loans
    • Structured Finance
    • Trade Finance
    • Promoter Funding
    • Loan Against Shares
    • Mezzanine Funding
    • Factoring Services,
    • Bill Discounting
      (LC based and non-LC based)
    • Preshipment Credit
    • Post shipment Credit
    • Bank Guarantee
    • Cash Credit Limit
    • Term Loan
    • Letter of Credit
    • Buyers Credit
    • Dealer Financing
    • Channel Financing
    • Asset Based Funding
    • Suppliers Credit etc.


We focus on true understanding of the issues involved and challenges faced by our clients.

Our USP ( unique selling point ) :  deep connectivity with the financial market along with technical expertise


Get Free Quote & Buy Debt Syndication services now 


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